Awareness and Action

Poor school building conditions have detrimental effects on students, teachers, staff, and the community. Philadelphia's schools are plagued with environmental health threats like asbestos, mold, and lead in paint and drinking water. Our team of partners is uniquely equipped to inspect schools, access data, and make recommendations based on the input of all community stakeholders

About PHSI

Who we are

Philly Healthy Schools Initiative (PHSI) brings together parents, teachers, principals, students, community members, and public health experts from Philadelphia and around the country to develop a plan to address the environmental health threats found in our school buildings.

Our Mission

Bring awareness to the Public

PHSI’s mission is to take immediate, ongoing, and necessary action to address the threat of dangerous conditions in Philadelphia’s public school buildings and grounds. By working together, we can make sure, all of Philadelphia’s schools are healthy and safe places.